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NOVA Wins Third in Savannah St. Patricks Day Tournament - Premier Division

Special thanks to Maaz Bhai Photography for most the photos in this album. Other ones were copied from other photographers who published their pics from the tournament on Facebook.

On Friday, May 9th, NOVA boarded two vans and took the ride down south to compete in the St. Patricks Day Rugby Tournament in Savannah, GA. NOVA's first game would be against USA Rugby South at 8 am Saturday morning. The match was a stalemate until USA South posted a converted try with four minutes left in the first half. USA South scored another try mid second half and a final try off an errant pass on the last play of the game. NOVA never got any offense going and suffered an early defeat on it's first game of the day. NOVA Loses 19-0

Five hours later, NOVA would take the pitch again verse SIRC. The morning dew was gone, the boys were awake, and the scoring started early. One minute and thirty seconds into the match, outside center Brian Mulloy had a 60 meter break, scoring the try under the posts. NOVA would score three more tries before the match was over: 8-man Matt Marino dotted down a try off an 8-man pick, Luke Bressan had a 30 meter scamper on the wing, touching the ball down in the corner, and lock John Bell (JEB) powered through the defensive line scoring right outside of the posts. Anthony "Fish" Everson handled the conversions, going 3/4 in the match. SIRC kept it close the entire match, not letting NOVA gain more than a try lead at anytime. NOVA WINS 26-21

With the Premier Bracket being arranged the way it was, a record of 1-1 meant NOVA would be competing for Bronze at 9:30 am on Sunday.

NOVA's first opponent on day 2 was a tough one, daylight savings time. Daylight savings time proved to be no match as the boys were bright eyed and bushy tailed come Sunday morning! The third place match versus the Cleveland Crusaders was fast paced and hard hitting. Luke Bressan scored two tries in the match: first one was an up and under from 40 meters out. The second was a grubber through the line by Inside Center Adam Henderson that Bressan claimed and ran in. Prop Joe Giraldi was the benefactor of a forwards try near the try-line after a series of pick and goes. Wing Anthony "Fish" Everson worked some magic with a kick chase he gathered then offloaded to Flanker Mike Medlej, who hit fly half Nick Ross screaming down the field who ended the play with a try. Fish handled the conversions again going 3/4. NOVA WINS 26-14

Savannah was a fun trip mixed in with some work. NOVA had a 32 person crew that made the trip and we are looking forward to getting back to work this week!

Lineup vs Crusaders

1. Joe Giraldi

2. Will Hagan (c)

3. Jake Thatcher

4. Adrian Martinez

5. Jeb Bell

6. Tyler Budd

7. Mike Medlej

8. Matt Marino

9. Dave H

10. Nick Ross

11. Luke Bressan

12. Adam Henderson

13. Brian Mulloy

14. Anthony "Fish" Everson

15. Andre Kendall

16. Jim Khodaei

17. Nate Wills

18. Troy Heaney

19. Taha Tosun

20. Luke Chacho

21. Christian Rubio

22. Roy Rubio

23. Matt Dong

24. Leo Pineiro

25. Matt Henderson

Injured Reserve

Eoin O'cairbre (starting 15 on Saturday)

Erik Carlson (coaching support)

Ethan Harris (filmography)

Team Manager

Natalie Edwards (Kept the boys fed and in line, thanks nat!)


Maaz Ahmad (NOVA player on vacation, taking time out of his trip)


Josh "Ears" Brooks (played a couple old boy games on his break with some other NOVA alum)

Joey Tropea

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