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NOVA wins 80-31 in first round of the Mid Atlantic Conference playoffs and will head into the semifi

moment of silence held prematch for the referee who passed away from a heart attack.

he was on his way home after a match.

NOVA hosted Old Gaelic in the first round of the Mid Atlantic Conference playoffs. With a change of venue due to an early week rain shower, the first round of the MAC Playoffs were held at a high school in Vienna, VA. With the sun shining on an 80 degree day, NOVA took the field against an eager Old Gaelic team.

NOVA was their own worst enemy in the first half of the match, giving territory and ball away with penalties and "ill-advised" ball movement. NOVA was able to come away with four tries in the first half, two converted, while Old Gaelic managed to keep it close with a PK early on and two converted tries. First Half Score: NOVA 24 - Old Gaelic 17

Tail of two halves rang true in this playoff game as NOVA adjusted their ill-advised ball movement, gained some composure, and started firing on all cylinders. NOVA was able to work in eight converted tries in the second half, holding Old Gaelic to two converted tries.

Final Score: NOVA 80 - Old Gaelic 31

NOVA would like to thank all of the supporters who attended NOVA's first home playoff game in nine years! We would also like to commend Old Gaelic on a hard fought match and show our appreciation to head referee Geoff Rodgers and his two AR's.

NOVA will go back to work this week to prepare for the semifinals being held Saturday, May 5, 2018 at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA. Kick-off will be at 2:00. NOVA will face Philly Whitmarsh in this match, this is the same team NOVA lost to in the first-round of the playoffs in 2017. NOVA will be ready for some redemption!

Man of the Match:

Brian Mulloy

NOVA Tries:

Fish Everson (4:45)

Matt Marino (8:17)

CJ Burnes (14:33)

Brian Mulloy (24:50, 42:26, 53:50, 77:30)

Andre Kendall (48:00)

Gareth Willatt (58:45)

Rob Edmonson (62:40)

Mike Medlej (65:00)

Ben Hartley (73:00)


Fish Everson (10/12)

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