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NOVA's First Fall Season Back in D1 Has Concluded and NOVA D3 Makes Big Leaps!

NOVA D1 ended the Fall Season with a record of 4 wins and 3 losses, while D3 finishes Fall with 3 wins and 4 losses.

NOVA D1 wins came from a week one nail biter vs PAC: 27 - 24, week five muscle match vs Baltimore: 26-24, week six dominant performance vs Schuylkill River: 64-20, and a week 9 mud bowl vs the Irish: 22-8.

NOVA D1 earned 20 points in the league standings. You earn points by the following: Win is 4 points, four tries is 1 bonus point, a loss within seven is 1 bonus point. With four wins and four bonus points, NOVA D1 controls their playoff destiny headed into spring! The spring season will consist of three matrix matches verse PAC (@home) and two verse Norfolk (home & away).

NOVA D3 wins came in a close one vs Irish: 33-26, a blowout in Baltimore: 50-14, and a tight one vs Westpot: 33-21. D3 currently has 17 points, three wins (4 points each) and five bonus points. D3 does not control their own destiny to make the playoffs, but with three matches in the spring, there is still a chance if the chips fall our way. This is NOVA D3's second year being in the league, last year we were speed bumps for teams to run over. This year NOVA D3 has been competitive in every match and looks forwards to having a chance to make the playoffs!

Stat Leaders (matrix matches only)

Most Points Scored:

Division One: Nick Ross

Division Three: Eoin Carbury

Ross, Nicholas 62, Carbury, Eoin 53, Burnes Jr., Coston 25, Hartley, Benjamin 20, Kendall, Andre 20, Populus, Eric 20, Willatt, Gareth 20, Bell, John-Eric 15, Martinez-Blaser, Adrian 15, Moran, Timothy 15,

Mulloy, Brian15, Hegarty, David 12, Audino, Patrick 10, Kwolek, John 10, Reilly, Christopher 8, Estes, Jacob 7, Bayliss, Lloyd 5, Dong, Matthew 5, Eliot, Adam 5, Fairchild, Davis 5, Giraldi, Joseph 5, Hagan, William 5, Hairston III, Donald 5, Khamzayev, Rustem 5, Leddon, James 5, Medlej, Michael 5, Morson, Tyler 5, Rubio, Christian 5, Skaljic, Ahmed 5, Vickers, Brent 5

Most Tries Scored:

Division One: CJ Burnes

Division Three: Ben Hartley and Andre Kendall

Burnes Jr., Coston 5, Hartley, Benjamin 4, Kendall, Andre 4, Populus, Eric 4, Willatt, Gareth 4, Bell, John-Eric 3,

Carbury, Eoin 3, Martinez-Blaser, Adrian 3, Moran, Timothy 3, Mulloy, Brian 3, Hegarty, David 2, Kwolek, John , 2Ross, Nicholas 2, Bayliss, Lloyd 1, Dong, Matthew 1, Eliot, Adam 1, Fairchild, Davis 1, Giraldi, Joseph 1, Hagan, William 1,

HairstonIII, Donald 1, Khamzayev, Rustem 1, Leddon, James 1, Medlej, Michael 1, Morson, Tyler 1, Reilly, Christopher 1, Rubio, Christian 1, Skaljic, Ahmed 1, Vickers, Brent 1

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