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Brian Mulloy and CJ Burnes headed to New Orleans as part of the Capital Selects *updated

*Update - January 20, 2018


NOVA's C.j. Burnes and Brian Mulloy both scored tries today in an exhibition match between the Capital Selects and MLR's NOLA Gold.

Burnes try was a 20 meter scamper in the first half. Capital Selects made use of rare ball possession and worked the ball to Burnes on the wing. Burnes made his cut from the touch line, beating multiple defenders, dotting down the try in the corner after punishing a would be tackler in his way. This would be the Selects only try in the first half.

The Selects second try came from flyhallf who snuck through a gap. Mulloy was the flyhalf's outside option and would have had a sure try if he was passed the ball. In the closing minutes of the second half the score was lopsided as NOLA's attack overwhelmed the Selects all game. It looked liked the game would end with the Selects only scoring two tries until Mulloy proved he wasn't done.

Mulloy scored the Selects third try in the 78th minute. The third and final try came through some quick hands and again Mulloy was in support. Mulloy received the ball this time and dotted down the try from five meters out.

Burnes and Mulloy started and played 80 minutes. NOLA had some real talent at every position, which is expected form a professional side. Burnes and Mulloy played lock down defense all game, making multiple tackles and shutting down NOLA's hefty centers and shifty wings. All of NOVA couldn't be more proud of the duo! Well done boys!

(Picture from todays match in New Orleans courtesy of one of NOVA's favorite, Natalie Edwards)

Original Article

Brian Mulloy and CJ Burnes are headed to New Orleans as part of the Capital Selects. NOVA's outside center, Mulloy, and wing, Burnes, will be starting for the select side known as the Capital Selects.

The Capital Selects is a select side team made up of players from all across the Mid Atlantic Region. To be chosen as a part of the select side, you must tryout at select camps to first be noticed by the selection committee. After Mulloy and Burnes were noticed at the camps, they joined the selects for a game in Raleigh, NC vs USA Rugby South Panthers. Seven other NOVA Players were selected for this game as well.

After dominant performances by Mulloy and Burnes against the Panthers, the duo were asked to join the side that would travel to New Orleans to face the Major League Rugby (MLR) Team, NOLA Gold.

Major League Rugby, known as MLR, is the new Professional Rugby League in the USA. NOLA Gold is made up of a group of high talented athletes from around the nation and even the world. NOLA is a professional rugby team and will be a great test for the Capital Selects.

NOVA could not be more proud of Brian Mulloy and CJ Burnes for being named starters on the Capital Selects side that had a player pool of well over fifty players to choose from.

The Game is Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 1:00 pm.

The live stream will be on Gift Time Rugby Facebook Page

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