Honoring those who paved the way for Nova Rugby

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The Fine Print

NOVA Rugby has a storied past and has become a known organization in the rugby community.   Without our founders, key players and contributors we would not be where we are today.  NOVA has created a NOVA Rugby Hall of Fame to show our appreciation for those who came before us, and continue to recognize the players and contributors of our great club across the years.


We need you to help us distinguish the members who paved the way for NOVA rugby.  You may acknowledge a single player, coach, or contributor. Or, you may recognize an entire team or collection of people (e.g., National Championship team or founding members).


We are open to nominations from anyone, for anyone, and all nominations will be considered.  The Third HOF class will be from the club’s first three decades, 1976-2005.  So please nominate someone who played, coached, or contributed during that time. 


To help you make your decisions, we have outlined some criteria for nominees worthy of a Hall of Fame distinction:

  • Membership on USA team(s) of the past

  • Membership on championship teams

  • Acknowledged superiority of skill

  • Demonstration of Sportsmanship of the highest order

  • Establishment of distinctive playing records that have stood the test of time

  • Longevity of participation that earns respect on the basis of the true fulfillment of the purposes of sport

We want the Hall of Fame inductees to embody what you think is/was best about NOVA Rugby.  Please take your time and give this some thought.  Becoming a member of the Hall of Fame is an honor we want to bestow upon the best of the best. 


Please use the form above to submit your nominations by March 15, 2020; and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions email: henderab@gmail.com, cell: 571-334-6975


We will be honoring our Second Hall of Fame Class at the annual Spring Banquet, dates being finalized. This will be a great time for all in the NOVA Rugby family, and a great way to celebrate this wonderful organization. 


Thank you for your contributions to NOVA Rugby and to our new Hall of Fame.



Adam Henderson

Hall of Fame Coordinator


Nominee submitted, Thanks!